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[francy] someone alert the media

um hi yes apparently I only know how to make rp icons so uh THIS IS A BUNCH OF RP ICONS I MADE OOPS. We haven't touched this comm in practically a year but I want to dump them somewhere sooo here you go!! Yup.

022 - Defense Devil
019 - Homestuck
014 - X-Factor
006 - Teen Titans
005 - Stray Love Hearts
002 - Pika Ichi

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[manda] anarchyyyyyy

HEY GUYS REMEMBER ME yes I'm still alive...! I just. don't icon on as much of a regular basis as I used to. ): This post has been sitting on my laptop for ages, so I figured since it's almost Christmas, why not put something up...! A good deal of these were made for RP purposes, which explains the ridiculous amount of character bias. Some have been sitting around since my last icon post (...more than a year ago), and some I just made yesterday. So yeah.

—Oh and yeah, roxorafriendships. IN CASE YOU WERE WONDERING WHO THIS IS.

28 ace attorney
05 artemis fowl
12 final fantasy xiii
08 harry potter
54 kingdom hearts (BIRTH BY SLEEP SPOILERS)
05 pandora hearts
23 runaways
10 scott pilgrim
05 tales of the abyss
17 vocaloid
33 zettai karen children
23 misc (9, a very potter musical, alice in wonderland, angry video game nerd, bakuman, dragonball z, glee, mirai nikki, pokémon, ultra maniac, yu-gi-oh: the abridged series)
★☆ 223 total

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[francy] it's a christmas miracle

Guys what's an icon comm I have no idea can you eat it.

So here are a lot of icons that range from a few months old to just a couple of days. You can tell which ones were made for RP.

042 - Naruto
033 - Shugo Chara!
017 - Doctor Who
015 - Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
010 - DC Comics
006 - The World God Only Knows
004 - Glee
009 - Misc. (see tags)

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[francy] i'll leave you with this kiss

OKAY so my internet has been dying on and off for the past... two or so days. So I ended up iconing during the times when it was down sob. Also I ended up combining this batch with my post from a few days ago since that post was... very small. Anyway.

Right and this entire post is experimenting with different coloring. ):

Gurren Lagann, Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Kingdom Hearts, Eureka 7, AIR, Barajou no Kiss, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, Ace Attorney, Code Geass, Nippon Ichi, Doctor Who, Moulin Rouge, Magic Kaito/Detective Conan, Avatar: The Last Airbender


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[francy] you're in my web now

LONG TIME NO POST, HUH? First off, most of these (the DC ones basically) were originally made for RP journals which is why they're so... not good. I apologize. ):

015 - Supergirl
013 - Teen Titans
002 - Persona
006 - Misc. (Gotham Girls, Ao no Exorcist, Rurouni Kenshin, Detective Conan, Barajou no Kiss, The Sleepy Residents of Birdcage Manor)

004 - Banners (Teen Titans and Kon no Ki Konoha)


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with a little help from my friends.

Hey guys! Long time, no update, huh? While this isn't an icon post (but lassos and I may be putting up ones soon!), it's an important announcement.

dailydays is hosting a graphics request post to aid the victims of the earthquake in Haiti. I, along with many other iconists, have signed on board to make icons and profiles. It's $1 USD for a set of three icons, and $3 USD for a profile. You can donate as much (or as little) as you want, and request a combination of things. All donations will go toward Oxfam; the last day to request is Sunday, January 31st.

Like sasarai has said on the main post, we realize that you could just go to a different comm and request stuff for free. And that's understandable! But for donating through dailydays, you get things for your money, and you're still helping the relief efforts. And while it may not seem like much right now, even a dollar can go a long way.

I really suck at explaining things, so please follow the link below to the main post. There's a lot more info, and the links to donate and stuff are there. If you're interested in joining the iconist effort, you can do it there, too. Even if you choose not to (or just can't) donate, please help us spread the word. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, and we'd love to see you guys helping out the cause. ♥

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[francy] never means forever

Very small batch this time, but I really just wanted to post these since most of them were just sitting there for awhile. Again, character bias.

008 - Teen Titans
006 - Shugo Chara!
005 - Eureka 7
005 - Amatsuki
005 - One Piece
006 - Misc. (Avatar: The Last Airbender, Rurouni Kenshin, Barajou no Kiss, Stray Love Hearts, Hana to Akuma, Makai Kingdom)

002 - Banners (Tales of Legendia and Stray Love Hearts)


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[francy] you're in my web now

And the Francy combo continues! 'A' OH RIGHT. And magicker_icons now has a new layout and profile, so please check them out.

020 - Shugo Chara!
012 - Tales of Legendia
006 - Macross Frontier
003 - Barajou no Kiss
005 - Misc. (Avatar: The Last Airbender, Defense Devil, Persona 3, Torchwood)

002 - Banners (Magic Kaito and Defense Devil)


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