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Manda, Magi, and Francy
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Welcome to magicker icons, the icon journal of three girls who probably should be doing homework or something but psh those things are for losers. Instead, we're doing something much more productive for the sake of the internet!! Since we're losers, we tend to icon animu, mango, and vidya games! Sometimes we'll make banners too! Or wallpapers or layouts but we're lazy most of the time so don't expect many of those. Buuut if you like our stuff, please feel free to look around or even go so far as to watch us! We really appreciate it ♥

☆ It'd be totally awesome if you could credit us if you take an icon! You can credit the person who made it or the comm as a whole; it doesn't really matter, as long as you do credit!
☆ Please don't edit any of our icons! If they're textless, they're like that for a reason and uh. It'd be kind of douche-y for you to add text/borders/whatever.
☆ You don't have to comment if you take something, but it'd be really nice if you did! It feeds our egos. That's a good thing!
☆ If you hotlink from us, you will get no nice things. Please upload things to your own server if you'd like to use anything!



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